Frequently Asked Questions

OROBORO helps you to invest in Indian stock market and various segment with “0” brokerage for all segment trading and Zero Demat account charges (Annual Maintenance Charges).
You can participate and invest through India’s best and Advanced Trading Web & Mobile platforms, without any brokerage.
Wide range of monthly subscription charges starting at Rs 199* per month, which is as low as your prepaid mobile recharge.

If you do trades with any Discount Brokers, you have to incur charges of up to Rs.20 per order. So if you are doing a complete trade (Buy + Sell order) total amount is Rs 40 in various segments.

So if you do 5 trades the cost become 5*40= Rs.200 .

For just 5 Trades you paid brokerages are Rs.200, In Oroboro you just pay only as low as Rs 199 for the monthly client handling charge and get unlimited trades in a month.
So you can do unlimited trades & get premium services for your investments.

Every month on the due date monthly client handling charge amount will be auto debited from your trading account. Thus you can focus on trades and need not take extra efforts for paying Monthly subscription plans.

One time account opening charges of Rs 500/-

DP Charges for Holdings Sell - Rs 10/- only

Shares pledging Charge - Rs 10/- transaction.

Exchange SST and GST will be charged extra in each bill.

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